toString null or undefined – JavaScript common error

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toString null or undefined – Description

I can bet that each of you has at some point encountered with this issue. Especially when working on custom entities or customized built-in entities form.

What is the cause? Hmm, there is a couple of possible reasons.


First of all – Microsoft fault 🙂 Some internal form scripts are executing to quickly not waiting for other script to load. Even though MS is fixing their TypeScript script these errors still occur.

Another one is a user fault. Badly designed form scripts can cause a lot of troubles to a developer.

The last one – 95% of all cases IMO – is a entity Ribbon which has been previously modified.


Please check the RibbonDiff  section of entity and provide a value to …. tooltipText. I assume you will use RibbonWorkbench (or you are a masochist if you don’t) for that.

The safest option is to provide all labels for default language.

toString null or undefined


Hope it helps 🙂

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