What we can help you with ?

Business Analysis

First things first. The most important thing during entire process of CRM implementation (or customization) is good and reliable planning. Without any business analysis of your ‘real’ needs provided solution will be deficient. And for sure, sooner or later, some changes will be required and it will be too late for then. So please, consider if you can afford to have poorly designed solution.

Install & configure

Process of installation and configuration of a new CRM/BizTalk/SharePoint environment looks really simple – just click next on the wizard. Wrong.
Well suited hardware with correctly configured SQL, front-end end other server types and tons of configuration files are the key to a good performance. So do not disregards this step of implementation – it is essential.

Customize & extend

Despite the fact Microsoft products are well thought out, especially Dynamics CRM, they have some limitations. Even very complex business model adopted in your company can be easily mapped to CRM and with integration with SharePoint it will be powerful tool to properly manage your company. If you have unconventional business needs we can help you to change them into real thing.


Every Microsoft enterprise product has huge possibilities. You do not need to know all of them at once. Step by step we can help you to get used to the product.


Maybe you have your own development team, maybe you don’t. But anytime you need an advice regarding to Microsoft products we are here to answer your questions.


Whenever you have an idea to modify CRM/SharePoint but you prefer to manage development team on your own you can always hire our team to do some work.