ErrorSerializingRegFile – Plugin or Workflow Deployment Error

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ErrorSerializingRegFile  – when I first met with this one

If you have found this post I assume that you have already looked for *.registerfile errors, plugin and workflow mismatches between register file and already registered items, deployment administrator security rights.
ErrorSerializingRegFile – what that can mean? Everything during plugin deployment looks right, but is it?

So what else?

Every developer is using some kind of source control: TFS, GIT, SVN. I can not imagine an environment where source control is not needed. Some of source control are better, quicker, has some unique features. As well as Microsoft Team Foundation has: check-in and check-out options.

Is it really a TFS fault?

Yes, it is. Whenever you want to deploy plugin/workflow to CRM environment via VisualStudio and Plugin Registration Tool a read-wright access to RegisterFile*.crmregister file is needed. When working with TFS ensure that you have checked-out file for edit before deployment. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is so obvious 😉

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